Mobile presence solution
for Skype for Business

A unique service, built on open and flexible technology, for Skype for Business.

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Touch Presence is a unique service for Skype for Business from trusted multi-channel call recording provider - Touch - and is developed in cooperation with Telenor.

Touch Presence offers a flexible integration that extends your Skype for Business solution with mobile presence and availability information. Integrated with BroadWorks Xtended Services (Xsi) Touch Presence is a powerful feature for your communications and collaboration capabilities.

Extend Skype for Business with real-time mobile presence

Transfer presence and availability information from your mobile to Microsoft Skype for Business.

Touch Presence extends Skype for Business with mobile status information, giving you greater insight into the availability of people in your organisation.

iPhone showing Skype call

Complete control for those important calls

Merge your mobile and desktop presence to put you in control and prevent interruptions when you are on a mobile call.

See in real time when your contacts are busy or available so you know you exactly when to reach them.

Give your team the tools they need to communicate effectively

Automatically show your colleagues that you’re busy. There's no need to change your status manually - Touch Presence will do it all for you.

Touch Presence extends Skype for Business to enhance how you communicate within your organisation.

Skype with presence information

Unique Technology

Touch Presence is a unique solution developed by Touch Technology in cooperation with Telenor.

The service is integrated with BroadWorks Xtended Service Interface (Xsi). Currently all companies that use Microsoft Skype for Business together with Telenor’s wireless plans can use Touch Presence.

Hosted by Micosoft Azure for high security and extraordinary reliability, the service is flexible and open by design, leaving room for further operator integrations.

Touch Presence Service with Telenor

Get more out of Skype for Business with Touch Presence

  • Flexible

    Supports both local Skype for Business and Skype for Business services provided by Telenor.

  • Cloud

    Delivered as a cloud service / Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • Telenor
    Service Support

    Supports both Telenor Mobile Business Networks in Norway and Telenor One Flexible in Sweden.

  • Simple. Powerful.

    Easy user management. Full Active Directory integration.

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